Praise for People of Yellowstone

"incredible collection … most important archives of Yellowstone history that I have seen!!!"

Jim Halfpenny PhD

“truly a remarkable labor of love… I'm wildly impressed" - Charissa Reid - Science Communication Specialist for the National Park Service – Life long resident of Yellowstone area.

"powerful and indelible" - Rick Koster, writer: The Day, newspaper - New London, Ct.

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Jim Halfpenny's words:

"This is an incredible collection of people and one of the most important archives of Yellowstone history that I have seen!!!

The faces, the memories that it holds for me and for countless others is unparalleled in the history of Yellowstone!!

I cannot say enough about this great contribution.

Steve, your dream has come true after years of hard work. Ruth your diligence for accuracy and the great autobiographical accounts plays center stage with the photos!"

Charissa Reid's words:

“First of all, let me offer my congratulations. I know how much effort went into this book and it is truly a remarkable labor of love that shows not only your awareness of this amazing place, but also your fondness for the cast of characters that call it home. I read every page and learned many things about people I've known for many years! Bravo. I'm wildly impressed! Hope to raise a glass to you both this summer.”

Rick Koster's words:

"It's hard to imagine there's anything new left to say about it. But in their powerful and indelible new "People of Yellowstone," photographer Steve Horan and Mystic writer Ruth W. Crocker explore the nation's first national park from an intriguing perspective — through the eyes, hands, hearts and minds of the folks whose lives, careers and passions intertwine there. Comprising 87 black and white portraits and facing-page subject essays, People of Yellowstone works not only as a fascinating study of distinct individuals, but their stories gradually segue into a "bigger picture" canvas that captures Yellowstone's almost mystical power of seduction"

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