Entire National Geographic Yellowstone Issue May 2016 Free to View online link.

This issue of National Geographic's May 2016 can viewed entirely on line by clicking picture or copy pasting link below.


As always the writing and imagery published by National Geographic society is outstanding and a very informative about complexities of Yellowstone Eco-system faces for it's continued survival. The People of Yellowstone project has been fortunate to photograph and write stories about those mentioned in the National Geographic - Yellowstone , The Battle for the American West

Featured , as it should be, is current National Park Service Superintendent, Dan Wenk. We were honored to take his portrait and in a behind the scenes location ,a storage area within the Park for many historical artifacts, carriages, busses,automobiles etc... At this location was a large 3D topographical map of the entire park that normally would be displayed on a horizontal table. It was perfect to use as back drop linking Superintendent Dan Wenk's first experience with Yellowstone National as a Landscape Architect in the early 70's

Also mentioned in National Geographic Magazine, May 2016 issue ,and part of the People of Yellowstone project is Roger Stradley. Rogers Stradley's quote," You don't get into a Super Cub, you put it on" . see below.

Also mentioned in this National Geographic magazine are:

Doug Smith - wolf biologist

Doug Peacock - Grizzly bear advocate

John Craighead - Iconic environmentalist

Rick Reese - Founder of Greater Yellowstone Coalition

Robert B. Smith - Yellowstone Volcano Expert

All of whom are part of the People of Yellowstone project

Link for slide show of images http://goo.gl/MaQV2F

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